15:00 24th October 1945 – 75 years on

“THE QUEEN REVIEWS 200 GIRL DRIVERS” Two hundred girl drivers of the American Ambulance were being reviewed to-day by the Queen at a stand-down parade at Buckingham Palace. (…) Among the drivers representing units from all parts of England and Wales – are girls with whom the Queen talked during her tours of the bombedContinue reading “15:00 24th October 1945 – 75 years on”

Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on

Today’s the day, 75 years ago today the American Ambulance held a series of celebrations to say goodbye , remember the work they had undertaken and commemorate their stand down. On the morning of the 24th October 1945, at American Ambulance headquarters Mr. Gilbert Carr received a letter from the Minister of Health giving thanksContinue reading “Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on”

10:30 am 22nd October 1945 – 75 years on

Rarely do I know the exact times of the activities of the American Ambulance but today I do know at least one. 75 years ago, at 10:30 am Mr. Gilbert Carr, Director General of the American Ambulance meets with the Minister of Health, Aneurin Bevan to discuss he program and finalise plans for the AmericanContinue reading “10:30 am 22nd October 1945 – 75 years on”

Second Birthday Celebrations

This fortnight I thought I’d share another great photo. This photo shows the American Ambulance’s second birthday parade in Hyde Park, London in June 1942. It shows a lineup of first aid posts with their drivers in front of them. Amongst the those in attendance were the directors of the American Ambulance as well asContinue reading “Second Birthday Celebrations”