The History of the Ambulance Service

We’re pleased to announce that the wonderful book on the history of the Ambulance Service which includes some history of the American Ambulance is now available on the Blue Light Education Collaborative website. £9.99 per copy with a donation made to The Ambulance Staff Charity for every purchase.

Diecast Collector Magazine Article

Today we take a short look at the June edition of diecast collectors magazine which features an article on the American Ambulance. Almost three years ago I got an email from Graham Cook, he bought my book and was interested to learn about the little known history of the American Ambulance. Graham was at theContinue reading “Diecast Collector Magazine Article”

10th/11th May 1941 – A dark night for the American Ambulance.

Eighty years ago today, London had faced over eight months of relentless bombardment from Luftwaffe, unknown to them the night of the 10th/11th of May would be the last night of the Blitz but the night would be absolutely devastating. That night the Germans flew a total of 571 sorties, they dropped 711 tons ofContinue reading “10th/11th May 1941 – A dark night for the American Ambulance.”

15:00 24th October 1945 – 75 years on

“THE QUEEN REVIEWS 200 GIRL DRIVERS” Two hundred girl drivers of the American Ambulance were being reviewed to-day by the Queen at a stand-down parade at Buckingham Palace. (…) Among the drivers representing units from all parts of England and Wales – are girls with whom the Queen talked during her tours of the bombedContinue reading “15:00 24th October 1945 – 75 years on”

Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on

Today’s the day, 75 years ago today the American Ambulance held a series of celebrations to say goodbye , remember the work they had undertaken and commemorate their stand down. On the morning of the 24th October 1945, at American Ambulance headquarters Mr. Gilbert Carr received a letter from the Minister of Health giving thanksContinue reading “Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on”