Mechanised Transport Corps Greatcoat

We were lucky to find this beauty for sale a few months ago, listed incorrectly. This is an extremely rare Mechanised Transport Corps jacket. It’s very small indeed but has a nice set of buttons on it, I have seen photos of a member of the AAGB seconded from the MTC wearing one of theseContinue reading “Mechanised Transport Corps Greatcoat”

Cartier British War Relief Society pin badge

The British War Relief Society was an umbrella organisation that provided humanitarian aid to Great Britain from subscribers in the United States. Their work focussed on providing non military items such as food, clothing and medical supplies that were to be used on our home front. The BWRS also almost entirely funded the AAGB upContinue reading “Cartier British War Relief Society pin badge”

The surprising link between the AAGB and firefighting

By the end of the war, the AAGB were headquartered at 44 Lower Belgrave Street, SW1 however for most of it, their headquarters was 9 Grosvenor Gardens, SW1. We’d long wondered what the links to these buildings were but now we’ve found one, as to why they were headquartered  at 9 Grosvenor Gardens. In 1907Continue reading “The surprising link between the AAGB and firefighting”