Here you will find a selection of items that we have for sale. Whilst we are not a charity, we are not for profit and all the proceeds from the sale of items on here will go directly into our work on preserving the history of the AAGB.

AAGB Badge

AAGB patches. These are approximately 65mm in diameter and are fairly close to the real ones worn by the AAGB that you can find (in regards to size and design. They are woven badges so can be sewn onto anything, a perfect way to show your support for the history of the American Ambulance.


AAGB Keyring

This is the ideal way to show your support. These are perspex with the AAGB logo displayed on both sides.


Reproduction AAGB ID Card

These are handmade out of card with a red outer card and a white inner card which has all the space for filling out the details. Based on an original, we can even give you help filling it out if you need it.


Reproduction “Mechanised Transport Corps” rules and regulations booklet.

This is a 12 page booklet professionally printed in A6 and reproduced from an original copy from 1943, even with the same errors of the original and an almost identical font these little booklets are a perfect example of what was used by drivers of the AAGB!


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