In late 2016 I started this project, initially to document my Great Grandmothers wartime service. It started off being a personal project and a small one at that but, when I tried researching the American Ambulance Great Britain I found there was little information available.

What I did find about the American Ambulance showed it was a truly unique organisation with a fascinating history.

My little personal project to remember my Great Grandmother quickly turned into one to preserve and to rebuild the memory of the American Ambulances short but accomplished history. Lots of time and money since that day in October 2016 has gone into what you see here, and, since launching, thousands more people know about the work of these brave women drivers and generous American donations.

Over the next couple of years we will be launching a brand new book, a truly comprehensive history of the American Ambulance and a testimony to those who gave so much. We also continue to work on various other educational projects, all towards promoting the history of the organisation.

The history of the A.A.G.B represents the very best qualities in human nature – the generosity, dedication and significant sacrifice which was fundamental to the success of the war effort.

Raymond A. Colledge.