Deeper MTC links

This is an extra post away from the normal fortnightly ones! A week ago a post that we has scheduled speculated more on the links between the AAGB and the Mechanised Transport Corps. I always knew some drivers were provided by the MTC but recently uncovered documents show that actually, over 50% of the ‘AAGB’ drivers were in fact of the MTC. More will be revealed over the coming months but for now I’ll leave you with some statistics from January 1945; The MTC provided 203 of the 382 drivers, ran 163 of the 302 vehicles, ran 14 of the 29 stations and drove 159,944 miles. They drove AAGB vehicles, were under AAGB control but wore MTC uniforms with the addition of an AAGB cloth badge. I look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months.DSC00865.jpeg

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