10:30 am 22nd October 1945 – 75 years on

Rarely do I know the exact times of the activities of the American Ambulance but today I do know at least one. 75 years ago, at 10:30 am Mr. Gilbert Carr, Director General of the American Ambulance meets with the Minister of Health, Aneurin Bevan to discuss he program and finalise plans for the AmericanContinue reading “10:30 am 22nd October 1945 – 75 years on”

Second Birthday Celebrations

This fortnight I thought I’d share another great photo. This photo shows the American Ambulance’s second birthday parade in Hyde Park, London in June 1942. It shows a lineup of first aid posts with their drivers in front of them. Amongst the those in attendance were the directors of the American Ambulance as well asContinue reading “Second Birthday Celebrations”

American Ambulance Stations

Throughout the war, the number of stations that the American Ambulance used fluctuated quite a bit and different sources give different numbers. I think this is partly because of the fact that the American Ambulance operated from “Sub Stations” as well as their main ones. When I first started this project and indeed wrote myContinue reading “American Ambulance Stations”

American Ambulance 80th Anniversary

Eighty years ago today, Mr. Gilbert Carr, Mr Wallace Phillips and five others signed the article of association. In doing so, the American Ambulance got its license from the board of trade, issued on the 14th June 1940. From then until October 1945 they, all the directors and the drivers and officers of the AmericanContinue reading “American Ambulance 80th Anniversary”

80th Anniversary Special

Due to the Coronavirus we haven’t been able to plan any proper commemorations for the 80th Anniversary of the American Ambulance, we intend to do something slightly more fitting for the 75th Anniversary of stand down in October but for now, for the 80th Anniversary of their formation we have commissioned some commemorative bookmarks. TheseContinue reading “80th Anniversary Special”