10th/11th May 1941 – A dark night for the American Ambulance.

Eighty years ago today, London had faced over eight months of relentless bombardment from Luftwaffe, unknown to them the night of the 10th/11th of May would be the last night of the Blitz but the night would be absolutely devastating. That night the Germans flew a total of 571 sorties, they dropped 711 tons ofContinue reading “10th/11th May 1941 – A dark night for the American Ambulance.”

15:00 24th October 1945 – 75 years on

“THE QUEEN REVIEWS 200 GIRL DRIVERS” Two hundred girl drivers of the American Ambulance were being reviewed to-day by the Queen at a stand-down parade at Buckingham Palace. (…) Among the drivers representing units from all parts of England and Wales – are girls with whom the Queen talked during her tours of the bombedContinue reading “15:00 24th October 1945 – 75 years on”

Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on

Today’s the day, 75 years ago today the American Ambulance held a series of celebrations to say goodbye , remember the work they had undertaken and commemorate their stand down. On the morning of the 24th October 1945, at American Ambulance headquarters Mr. Gilbert Carr received a letter from the Minister of Health giving thanksContinue reading “Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on”

10:30 am 22nd October 1945 – 75 years on

Rarely do I know the exact times of the activities of the American Ambulance but today I do know at least one. 75 years ago, at 10:30 am Mr. Gilbert Carr, Director General of the American Ambulance meets with the Minister of Health, Aneurin Bevan to discuss he program and finalise plans for the AmericanContinue reading “10:30 am 22nd October 1945 – 75 years on”