An update…

So it’s been absolutely ages since I last posted on here but I thought I’d pop up a quick update for you.

While there has been a fair bit of silence we continue to work hard behind the scenes on American Ambulance related stuff.

I’m really excited to have worked with someone recently to contribute to a publication on the history of ambulance services in the UK, hopefully soon I’ll be able to share this with you! We continue to acquire new items and documentation and are currently working on a much improvement reprint of the book which I hope will be ready in the next few years.

While we’ve been busy doing this I have gone away slightly from regular posts on here but I’ll continue to post the odd thing and I’m sure will put up more regular posts in the future however at the moment I’m prioritising book writing!

As always I continue to look for items, documents and information related to the American Ambulance to help us tell the story of this amazing organisation. Pictured below are some of our recently acquired items, including an amazing American Ambulance side cap that came from a lady who contacted me on our Facebook page, I’m very grateful for this! We’d love to hear from you and thank you all for your continued support!

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