Cartier British War Relief Society pin badge

The British War Relief Society was an umbrella organisation that provided humanitarian aid to Great Britain from subscribers in the United States. Their work focussed on providing non military items such as food, clothing and medical supplies that were to be used on our home front. The BWRS also almost entirely funded the AAGB up until the 31st December 1945 when financial responsibility for the organisation was taken on by The Exchequer due to the BWRS pulling out (the politics behind that move will be explained further one day in a very big post as it’s fairly complicated!!). Between July 1st 1940 and June 30th 1944 the BWRS donated £468,737 15s 2d to the AAGB. That’s about £26 million in today’s money! To raise founds for the AAGB and all the other causes they funded they relied on donations, special events and merchandise. One such example of this is this beautiful Cartier badge, we can’t find many details about this particular badge but are sure it was one of their more premium badges!

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