During this time of lockdown due to the coronavirus, I’m sure many are finding themselves shut at home with not a lot to do. Well I thought that this fortnight I’d do a post of a couple of good articles and books that you could read if you’re stuck at a loose end!

1. – Model Collector April Edition

I put this first as it’s only around for a limited time. If you’re in the UK and pop out to shop for your essentials why not pick up a copy of “Model Collector” magazine, there’s a great article in there about an organisation called the American Field Service. The AFS were instrumental in helping provide the vehicles of the AAGB in the early days and the logistical side of setting up and running the organisation. The article mentions the AAGB and the author of it , Graham, has also written a complete article about the AAGB which hopefully will be published soon.

2. – Women In The Second World War

For those interested in the subject, this book published by Shire Publications in 2018 and written by Neil Storey and Molly Housego, gives a really good overview of women and their roles in the Second World War. There are 64 pages of fascinating photos, posters and web researched text, the AAGB even gets a brief mention on page 12!

3. – Helmets on the Home Front

This recently published book by Adrian and George Blake, is probably the best written and most comprehensive guide on the subject that we’ve ever seen! It’s a huge book that covers everything from types of helmets and different makers as well as many different markings found on them. There’s a brief section about the AAGB in there and their use of the famous steel helmets. These books are of a limited print run and are priced at £65 but are more than worth it, a fantastic book that is a must have for any collector of helmets or just someone interested in the Home Front!

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