Morning of 24th October 1945 – 75 Years on

Today’s the day, 75 years ago today the American Ambulance held a series of celebrations to say goodbye , remember the work they had undertaken and commemorate their stand down.

On the morning of the 24th October 1945, at American Ambulance headquarters Mr. Gilbert Carr received a letter from the Minister of Health giving thanks for the work that the American Ambulance had done and the work to donate their assets to voluntary hospitals. One part of this letter always stands out to me:

The deep and spontaneous goodwill with which, in this country’s greatest hour of need, a group of American citizens living in London conceived and created this organisation, and the remarkable speed with which it was placed at the Ministry’s service, will never be forgotten.

Sadly, as those of you who follow this project know they were all but forgotten by history but hopefully we are changing that slowly but surely.

Keep an eye on the blog for a few more posts today I hope you find them interesting.

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