Leeds Station

Below is the Leeds station Group photo and the names of as many as possible. A Dash indicates an unknown name. Separate to those in the photo is also another list of names we have also seen mentioned.
Group photo contains:
– –
Shandy Johnson
– Craig
Ruth Robinson
– Stanford
Betty Bacon
Peggy Humphries
Pat Bishop
Jene Frost
Sirley Bradford
Hilly Smith
Elis Fawcett
Paugie Sanderson
Phyll Cooling (Captain)
Chris Haig
Elizabeth Hauté
– Elliot
Bi Mason
Marge Gasman
Blossom Frost
Ruth Sinton

Other Names mentioned:

Mary Walsh
Mary Haggie
Eve Gundley
Ruth Davies
– Broughten
– Fitton
– Tod
– Laughton
– Shaw
– Macintyre
– Rome

– JohnsonEPSON MFP image

Group photo


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