A letter from Her Majesty The Queen

This morning, we received a letter from Buckingham Palace. A couple of weeks ago we wrote to The Queen, telling her about the AAGB and the work which we are now doing to preserve their memory. We included a copy of the book along with our best wishes to Her Majesty. This is the replyContinue reading “A letter from Her Majesty The Queen”

AAGB cap badge

We were very lucky recently to be able to purchase an original AAGB cap badge at auction. This is a very are item and the price certainly reflected this however we now have an original to copy from. In the new year we will be experimenting with sand casting to make metal reproductions which willContinue reading “AAGB cap badge”

A visit to Betty

Unfortunately, I never got to meet my great grandmother Betty who inspired this whole project. Despite never meeting her, I feel like i’ve developed quite a connection with her through researching all about her, her family and her time during The War. Before my book went on general sale, I thought I should take aContinue reading “A visit to Betty”

Original badges

We were very lucky to get these recently. This is an original arm badge along with an original service badge for three Years. These are extremely rare and we are over the moon with them. We also got 5 original buttons, using these we will now cast a set of replica ones which will completeContinue reading “Original badges”

Stand down parade

On this day 71 years ago (24/10/45) members of the AAGB gathered at Buckingham palace for their stand down parade. They were inspected by various dignitaries including HM Queen Elizabeth (Queen Mother). A cutting from the evening standard reads: THE QUEEN REVIEWS 200 GIRL DRIVERS                    Continue reading “Stand down parade”

Pack of cards

AAGB cards, each card is presented with the AAGB logo on the back and the grey and red colours of the ambulances. This is a lovely and probably very rare item, possibly used to promote the AAGB and gain donations from America, or just simply for drivers to use in their down time.


The AAGB mainly used Ford mobile first aid units that were imported from America. We are currently seeking more information on the exact model of these vehicles. Below, JEV871 is seen departing Buckingham palace after being inspected by HM Queen Elizabeth (Queen mother) at the AAGB stand down parade in 1945. The Tax disc isContinue reading “Vehicles”