On July the 1st I took a trip to London. I traveled to Grosvenor Square, outside the American Embassy where I met with Mr Raymond Colledge who is the current chairman of the American Society in London (the organisation which headed the AAGB). Ray had no previous knowledge of the AAGB and as such we spent about an hour talking about the AAGB, the American Society and the various artefacts that I took with me.

Due to the lack of information about the AAGB, and the difficulty that I have had in finding information, I have started the process of writing a book. “The American Ambulance, Great Britain” ISBN:978-1-5272-1160-5 will hopefully be available by the end of the year and will be close to 40 pages long, A5 in size.

I am extremely grateful to Ray for agreeing to write a foreword for my book and also for the support of the American Society in London who will support me where possible.

Cover 2.jpg

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