Dorothy Helen Daly

During the course of the war, three members of the AAGB were killed, two were on service and one was off duty.

On the night of the 4th of May 1942 Ms Dorothy Helen Daly, a Driver of the AAGB was off duty and visiting the residence of Lady Daly in Spicer Road, Exeter. Just after midnight, 20 German bombers arrived over the town centre. Within 70 minuets of arriving the town was devastated, 1,500 houses and 30 acres of the town which included offices, warehouses, shops and pubs had all been destroyed. On that night 156 people were killed and 583 were injured.

Tragically, Driver Daly was amongst those who were killed on Spicer road in the early hours of the morning aged 50.

Following the raid, German radio was intercepted saying “Exeter is the jewel of the west; we have destroyed that jewel, and we will return to finish the job”. Luckily that never happened and the 4th was the last morning that Exeter was bombarded however for some, including Driver Daly they had had to pay the ultimate cost of war.

On the 4th of August 2017, a cross was laid at the Exeter War memorial, the cross read;

“In Remembrance, Dorothy Helen Daly, A.A.G.B., 4/5/1942”

Following the laying of the cross, we traveled to Spicer road, now a thriving street in suburbia, the only signs of the devastation of the Exeter Blitz is a Gap in a row of houses, most likely where Driver Daly was killed.

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