The passing of a great supporter

We were saddened to learn the other week of the sudden passing of Raymond Colledge, former chairman of The American Society in London who died suddenly in early December last year. Ray was a huge supporter of this project and wrote the foreword for my book back in 2017. He invited me to the ASL’s pre Independence Day drinks in June last year and encouraged me to give a speech on the AAGB. Every so often he would check in to see how things were going and offer words of encouragement! Not many people would have believed a 17 year old when I appeared out the blue and said I was going to write a book but Ray did, he always believed in me and in this project to remember the AAGB. I am pleased to have called him a supporter and even more pleased to call him a friend. Thank you for your support over the last few years Ray, you will be truly missed.

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