Recently we popped up to Leeds for the day. I’ve got loads of photos which I will be uploading to the site gradually but I thought I’d start off with this. The AAGB used the garage of Rowland Winn in Leeds, all through the war the AAGB served from here and all the AAGB training for the country was done at Leeds so it was quite an important station. Below is an original photo of the facade of the garage (photo from http://www.leodis.net) behind the showroom was a vast garage space that stretched from Woodhouse Lane about half the way back to Wade Lane. The access to the garage that the AAGB used was via the now long gone St Columba street in the left of the black and white photo. Now you’d hope that such a beautiful looking late 1930’s car dealership front would still be there but sadly not. In its place now is a 1960’s monstrosity – The Merrion Centre, more specifically the garage was located where the Morrisons now is! I was amazed at how much Leeds has been developed since the war, it is certainly  a city that has seen a lot of change over the years.

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