A Special Photo

Today I thought I’d share a picture, one that now will always hold a special place in my heart. I recently purchased this and a few other photos online. When I received them I scanned them in and started looking through them. On the 2nd of September I sent this photo to my dad, he always loved seeing photos and finding out what I’d discovered about the American Ambulance so it felt only right to send it to him, the next morning on the 3rd of September he replied to my message about it. Sadly, that night he died suddenly, this photo was the last thing we ever spoke about. I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without his encouragement and support, he helped me so much with this project and I will truly never forget all the things he did for me. I only hope that as time passes this can continue to grow and we can keep sharing and discovering the story of the American Ambulance and making him proud.

So, onto the photo. This photograph was taken in July 1940 and shows Ambulance Number One being presented to the American Ambulance by the then American Ambassador Mr Joseph P Kennedy on behalf of Mrs Kennedy who had donated it. Stood beside Mr Kennedy is Mr Wallace Phillips, one of the founders and director general of the organisation.

Stood in front of them are three drivers of the Mechanised Transport Corps. It’s interesting to note all the differences in their uniform, in fact none of them match. The two ladies on the left are likely early recruited to the MTC from 1939, the lady in the middle wears a hat that differed from the standard pattern and is similar to those worn by other female organisations. The lady on the right wears a shoulder title “M.T.T.C” the Mechanised Transport Training Corps, this is what the MTC were originally called before it was shortened. She also interestingly wears crossed flags of a different organisation, it’s likely that they denote she was part of a unit of the MTC who were destined to go to Belgium however were diverted to staff the American Ambulance when it was formed.

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