75th Anniversary commemoration

Those who saw my previous post will understand how life has got in the way a bit recently and I haven’t posted as much as I would have liked to. However for the next two weeks I’ll be delving into the archives and posting letters, documents and photos exactly 75 years after they were created.

First however I’d like to re cap what has happened since the 1st of October in 1945:

  • 1/10/1945 – The Ministry of Health receive a letter from Major Penn at Buckingham Palace advising the Minister of Health that The Queen could inspect the American Ambulance stand down parade on the afternoon of the 24th of October or the morning of the 25th.
  • 3/10/1945 – After returning from leave, the Minister of Health confirms with the Palace that the 24th of October would be most convenient, suggests a time of 3PM and advises Major Penn that he will send a suggested program to The Queen shortly.
  • 10/10/1945 – The Minister of Health writes to Mr. Gilbert Carr to suggest meeting on the 22nd October to go over plans for the 24th.

Now we’re back on track!

18th October 1945, 75 years ago today – Mr. Summers at the Ministry of Health writes to the Scottish Office asking if the Secretary of State for Scotland would like to add anything to a letter that Aneurin Bevan is sending to Mr. Gilbert Carr giving thanks for the work of the American Ambulance.

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