The AAGB uniform was very similar to that of the First Aid Nursing  Yeomanry (FANY). It consisted of a hat, blouse and skirt. The AAGB Blouse had a pair of collar dogs, the same as that pictured bellow, they were 30mm in diameter and secured with two lugs and a split pin. The buttons on theContinue reading “Uniform”

Leeds Station

Below is the Leeds station Group photo and the names of as many as possible. A Dash indicates an unknown name. Separate to those in the photo is also another list of names we have also seen mentioned. Group photo contains: – – Shandy Johnson – Craig Ruth Robinson – Stanford Betty Bacon Peggy Humphries Pat BishopContinue reading “Leeds Station”

Driver Bacon

It seems fitting that our first post should be about the lady that made this blog possible by keeping extensive photographic record of the American Ambulance Great Britain (AAGB). The late Betty Bacon (latterly Sansom and Hopwood) served as a driver with the AAGB in Leeds. She kept lots of information, from newspaper cuttings toContinue reading “Driver Bacon”